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Third-party certification to SCS’ industry-recognized standards enables companies to demonstrate environmental stewardship and sustainability accomplishments with transparent environmental claims. SCS empowers manufacturers, buyers, and retailers to prove market leadership, satisfy supply chain partners, and build your brand with scientifically-backed environmental performance ecolabels.

  • SCS Indoor Advantage™ and SCS Indoor Advantage Gold™

    Demonstrate your success in protecting indoor air quality by minimizing volatile organic compound (VOC) chemicals associated with office furniture and a wide range of building materials. Our certifications prove that your products meet stringent CA 01350 standards for indoor air quality, qualify for LEED credits, and more.

  • SCS Recycled Content

    Certify the amount and type of post- and pre-consumer content in your products to satisfy your supply chain partners, meet LEED requirements, and comply with institutional purchasing requirements.

  • SCS Recycling Program

    Reinforce the credibility of claims from your recycling program or reclamation facility related to waste diversion strategies and recycling rates.

  • Biodegradable

    Prove that your cleaners, degreasers, detergents, and soaps break down harmlessly in the environment. SCS Biodegradable certification is an independent guarantee respected by facility managers and consumers alike.

  • SCS Environmentally Preferable Product

    Earn market distinction by demonstrating environmental superiority in your product category. This comprehensive environmental certification turns your life cycle assessment results into a powerful market claim. EPP certification is reserved for products that perform as well or better than other products serving the same function in every environmental impact category, across every stage of the product life cycle, with no environmental trade-offs.

  • Health Product Declaration

    Declare your product’s chemical contents, including chemicals of concern and their related health hazards, to meet customer specifications. Pilot your third-party verified declaration under the HPD Collaborative initiative. As another option, evaluate potential risks from exposures to hazardous chemicals, identify actions that will yield the greatest risk reductions for your product, and give customers the information they need to make smarter purchasing decisions.