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Responsible Sourcing

Procurement personnel, government affairs officers, and investors increasingly consider human rights, labor, and environmental impacts of products when making purchasing and investment decisions. In response, global retailers and leading brands are implementing codes of conduct and sourcing policies to manage risk and identify opportunities.

SCS Global Services is a trusted expert in ethical sourcing verification and supplier screening programs. We work with leading companies to define sourcing policies, identify risk points in the supply chain, and perform root cause analyses to understand reasons for non-compliance. As a third-party conformity assessment body, we monitor conformance with ethical, social, and environmental standards worldwide.

  • Sustainably Grown

    Certified Sustainably Grown supports growers and supply chain handlers committed to sustainable agricultural production over the long-term. Certification reinforces your position as a leader in efforts to minimize environmental impacts, provide a safe and healthy work environment, and protect product integrity.

  • Starbucks Ethical Sourcing

    Starbucks relies on SCS to train third-party organizations seeking to verify coffee and cocoa suppliers according to C.A.F.E. and Cocoa Practices program criteria.

  • UTZ Certified

    Demonstrate your commitment to the sustainable production and handling of coffee, cocoa and tea while differentiating your products in the marketplace with UTZ Certification.

  • Responsible Source - Textiles

    Establish your commitment to the sustainable manufacturing or merchandising of finished products, from apparel and footwear to upholstered furnishings, housewares and geotextiles.

  • Responsible Metals, Mining and Jewelry

    Meet fundamental benchmarks of social and environmental responsibility and traceability to protect and distinguish your products and reputation.

  • Equitable Food Initiative

    Commit to a healthier, safer and more sustainable produce supply chain by combining food safety, pesticide management, and the fair treatment of workers under one certification.

  • Sustainable Sourcing

    Sustainable supply chain management built around ethical and environmental sourcing principles leverages your purchasing power to mitigate supply chain risks, reinforce long-term supplier relationships, and build stakeholder and customer trust.