FSMA training – What’s required and what’s optional

All seven FSMA core rules require general training of individuals or teams. Those team members identified as “Qualified Individuals” must be adequately prepared to take on this role by receiving education and training or must the have what FDA considers to be appropriate food safety experience. By including training in the regulation, FDA makes specific types of training mandatory. This webinar explores the requirements for each of the seven rules and discusses and identifies the “necessary to do” and the “nice to do” when it comes to training your team members. SQF Mandatory Element 2.9.2 Training Program requires that firms create training programs for specific food safety related tasks including that of applying food regulatory requirements. The code requirements and FSMA requirements will be compared and contrasted.


  1. Classify training requirements for all 7 core rules under FSMA
  2. Identify training opportunities within your organization to meet necessary FSMA requirements
  3. Provide sources and references to access FSMA related trainings and compliance information