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Pesticide Residue Testing

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Verify that pesticide residue levels comply with buyer specifications and federal regulations. SCS Global Testing Services provides product sampling and testing that enables you to verify compliance with country-of-destination maximum residue limits (MRL), gain clearance against FDA detention, and demonstrate performance to supply chain requirements.

Based on three decades of experience, our seasoned professionals and scientists help you with expert analysis, interpretation of results, and design of custom research projects. We test fresh foods, ingredients, processed foods, soil, and water for pesticide residues using a combination of multi-residue analyses (MRA) and specific residue analyses (SRA). We provide the testing you need at competitive prices and in the timeframes you demand.

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Our U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) Multi-Residue Analysis employs the methodology used for surveillance testing, as listed in the FDA Pesticide Analytical Manual (PAM) Vol. 1, Section 203E. Five major classes of pesticides are detected utilizing this screen, including Organophosphates, Organonitrogens, Organochlorines, Pyrethroids, and Carbamates. Single classes and custom testing packages are also available using this method. While particularly suitable for testing imported products, our FDA screen is appropriate for routine surveillance testing as it covers most common pesticides, and many that are now banned but highly persistent in the environment.

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