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SCS Corporate Capabilities Brochure 2020

SCS Global Services has been working for more than three decades to advance sustainability, in order to ensure a healthy planet and a thriving economy that works for everyone. In service of this mission, we are proud to work with clients around the world in the natural resources, built environment, consumer products, food and agriculture, retail, and climate sectors in their efforts to meet U.N. Sustainable Development Goals.

Trusting Recycled Content Products

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Recycling has long been recognized as one of the central pillars of the circular economy, and the third-leg of the Reduce-Reduce-Recycle mantra. Recycling is key to preserving natural resources, as well as preventing the build-up of waste streams that end up heaped in landfills, strewn by the side of the road, or littering our waterways and oceans. In many cases, converting discarded products and materials into useful products also saves energy, water, and has other benefits from a life-cycle standpoint.

Responsible Sourcing Strategies

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Fostering supply chain sustainability helps organizations manage risk, satisfy customer demand, create resilience, and deliver efficiencies that ultimately save money. Third-party verification of your responsible sourcing program provides transparency to your supply chain, manage potential risks and innovate to create positive environmental and social impacts. The verification reinforces that your suppliers grow or produce food using efficient, safe and ethical field or factory environments.
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