Veriflora Preferred Retailer

Merchandising Certified Sustainably Grown Products

The Veriflora Certified Sustainably Grown program is uniquely suited to the needs of retail florists, supermarkets and big box store garden centers. Not only is Veriflora regarded as the "gold" standard in sustainability certification for cut flowers and ornamental plants, but it is the only sustainability certification that covers both.

Veriflora Preferred Retailers receive training about sustainable production practices to help you answer your customers' questions. You also receive direct merchandising collateral and support.

Benefits of Becoming a Veriflora Preferred Retailer:

  • Increase sales of cut flowers and potted plants by raising the profile of certified sustainable options
  • Differentiate your floral and garden center departments and raise the profile of these departments in your stores
  • Build customer loyalty by communicating your shared values of environmental stewardship, social responsibility and quality
  • Communicate your pride in your suppliers' proven commitment to sustainability

Veriflora™ Preferred Retailers complete the sustainable value chain that starts with Certified Sustainably Grown cut flowers and ornamental plants.

Veriflora Preferred Retailer Certification Mark