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Veriflora Approved Input Material Certification Mark

Support your customers' sustainability goals

Veriflora Peat Moss and Input Materials

Applied to Sustainably Grown Plants & Flowers

Producers of Certified Sustainably Grown food crops, ornamental plants and cut flowers rely heavily on input materials that support their environmental and human health objectives. Give growers and retailers confidence that peat moss, soil amendments, plant media, pest control materials, plant containers, and other input products and materials support their sustainable production programs.

SCS offers two levels of recognition for input materials: 1) Certified Responsibly Managed Peatlands; and 2) Approved Input Materials. These industry-leading initiatives help drive sustainability at each stage of production and distribution.


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Responsible Peatland Management

At the request of peat moss manufacturers, SCS developed a special Veriflora Certification Annex to define criteria for Responsibly Managed Peatlands. Since the introduction of this annex, more than half of all harvestable peatlands in North America have been certified.

Certification Criteria

The performance of peat moss producers seeking certification under the Responsible Peatlands Management standard is measured against the following criteria:

  • Protection and conservation of ecosystems
  • Conservation of resources and energy efficiency
  • Integrated waste management
  • Equitable working conditions
  • Community benefits
  • Product quality

Approved Input Materials

SCS developed the Approved Input Materials service to help Veriflora certified growers and handlers identify input products and materials, such as soil amendments, plant media, pest control materials and plant containers that would complement their sustainable production objectives.

Fast Track Approval

Products submitted for approval are reviewed to ensure they meet one or more of the following conditions:

  • Directly addressed within the Veriflora Sustainably Grown standard
  • Supported by a recognized third-party organization (e.g., OMRI)
  • EPA registered or equivalent
Complementary Services

SCS offers complementary certification and auditing services for products that don't meet the above requirements, including Certified Recycled Content, life cycle assessment (LCA) review, Certified Biodegradable, pesticide residue analysis, and more.


  1. Apply for Certification

    Once SCS receives your application, you receive the SCS Assessment Services Agreement. Complete, sign, and return both to the Veriflora® Certification Program.

  2. Authorize a Work Order

    SCS prepares a work order that includes the scope, costs and details of the audit. Once you authorize the work order, we schedule your evaluation audit. This scope may be expanded based on findings in step 3.

  3. Self-Assessment

    You complete a Self-Assessment Checklist (SAC). An SCS auditor reviews your SAC and supporting documentation to help you identify gaps in conformance and areas for improvement.

  4. Evaluation Audit

    The audit includes an on-site inspection, document review, evidence gathering, and interviews with office and management staff, and employees. A typical timeframe for completion is 1 to 1.5 days per site.

  5. Audit Report

    SCS sends you the final audit report within 15-20 business days. The timeframe for responding to the audit findings begins on the date the Report is sent.

  6. Corrective Action Plan

    You develop a corrective action plan (CAP) to respond to any non-conformities raised by the audit, including corrective and preventative actions and evidence of implementation.

  7. Certification Decision

    SCS reviews your CAP and renders a certification decision. Successful applicants receive the applicable Veriflora® certification mark (with your unique registration number), a certificate valid for three years, and logo use guidelines.

  8. Annual Renewal

    Annual surveillance audits are required to maintain certification status.

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