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Home Depot Eco Options

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Home Depot Eco Options

Environmental Improvement Starts at Home

The Home Depot takes environmental stewardship seriously. It was among the first major companies to recognize the retailer's role in preventing greenwashing. For more than two decades, The Home Depot has been actively investigating the truth behind environmental claims on products sold on its shelves. The Eco Options program was born out of a desire to recognize the voluntary efforts of its vendors to achieve environmental impact reductions in their respective product categories.

SCS has partnered with The Home Depot each step of the way, developing data request and collection tools, conducting independent evaluations of product claims, and working with The Home Depot on program enhancements.

Find out if your product has what it takes to be included in the Eco Options line. We will determine what information is required and conduct a technical review. Contact us for details.


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Manager, LCA Services

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  1. Complete Questionnaire

    Complete and submit the Eco Options Vender Questionnaire with review fee. SCS then initiates a review of the questionnaire. We guide vendors to ensure completion of the questionnaire with valid claim(s) and documentation.

  2. Submit Documentation

    Vendors submit data to SCS on material and energy inputs, manufacturing location and processes, and distribution. The data required generally includes: information about the manufacturing plants or facilities where manufacturing occurs; a description of the processes used (e.g., blending, batch mixing, bottle filling); raw material inputs and product composition; and resources used (e.g., natural gas, electricity, water).

  3. Product Review

    SCS conducts a review of your environmental claim(s) along with supporting documentation.

  4. SCS Recommendation for Eco Options

    The results of the product review show whether or not substantial support exists to validate your product's environmental claim(s). If so, SCS recommends your product for Eco Options. If your product is not recommended, you can review results and resubmit additional data to SCS.

  5. Final Decision

    The Home Depot makes the final decision regarding acceptance into the Eco Option Program.


What are the requirements for an Eco Options product?

Under the Home Depot Eco Options program, a product is compared to a benchmark to determine if it meets a designation for environmental preferability. A product should either meet a specific standard accepted by The Home Depot as a benchmark of environmental superiority in a product category (e.g., FSC, Energy Star), or must demonstrate better environmental performance as compared to a benchmark product. A benchmark product is defined as the product with the largest market share in the same product category that provides comparable product function and performance.

What does the Eco Options findings report state?

A findings report is prepared based on the evaluation with our recommendation to The Home Depot as to whether the product in question is consistent with the definition for "Environmentally Preferable Product". The report also evaluates all environmental claims for compliance to the Federal Trade Commission Green Guide.

Does an Eco Options evaluation result in certification?

No. This evaluation applies specifically to The Home Depot. The end result is a recommendation to The Home Depot as to whether a product should be included within the Eco Options program. For an assessment geared to a broader audience, please see our Life Cycle Screening Review service.  You do have the option of simultaneously applying to SCS for certification or validation of your claim.

What is the base price for an Eco Options evaluation?

The base price is $1500 for one product. Please contact us for additional details.

What is the timeline for an Eco Option evaluation?

The general timeline is 6 to 8 weeks once all data are received.

Is a site audit required?

No. Evaluation is based upon product specific data that we request at the outset of the process.

Is testing required?

Yes. Product testing is required to show that the product performs as well as or better than other comparable products. Testing may required to substantiate specific product claims.

Who makes the final decision to accept products into Eco Options?

The Home Depot makes all final decisions regarding the acceptance of products into the Eco Options program.

Can you help us become a vendor at The Home Depot?

No. The Home Depot manages its vendor selection process. This evaluation can provide third-party reviewed information that you can use in your efforts to become a vendor at The Home Depot.

Can I use an Eco Options evaluation at other retailers?

You will receive a copy of the final report. The final report compares your product to the benchmark product and includes SCS' recommendation to The Home Depot. For an assessment geared to a broader audience, please see our Life Cycle Screening Review service.

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