GMP Audit

Good Manufacturing Practice Compliance

GMP compliance is viewed today as an essential baseline of food safety for food packers, processors manufacturers, and greenhouses. GMP audits are increasingly required by retailers as proof that you take food safety seriously. Independent GMP verification confirms your operation's food safety practices and processes, and helps put you on the path to HACCP, or reinforce your existing HACCP program.

Choose SCS Global Services for the most complete GMP audit checklists, the highest standards for time spent "in field," and over 30 years of food safety and HACCP expertise. Our highly skilled auditors are technical experts in several food safety categories. We participate on the United Fresh Food Safety Council and audit against the United Fresh Produce GAPs Harmonized standard. In addition, our technical director serves on the board of the University of California (Davis) Center for Produce Safety, further enabling us to keep our pulse on the changing dynamics of food safety.

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