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Now using United Fresh Harmonized Audit Standard.

GMP Audit

Good Manufacturing Practice Compliance

GMP compliance is viewed today as an essential baseline of food safety for food packers, processors manufacturers, and greenhouses. GMP audits are increasingly required by retailers as proof that you take food safety seriously. Independent GMP verification confirms your operation's food safety practices and processes, and helps put you on the path to HACCP, or reinforce your existing HACCP program.

Choose SCS Global Services for the most complete GMP audit checklists, the highest standards for time spent "in field," and over 30 years of food safety and HACCP expertise. Our highly skilled auditors are technical experts in several food safety categories. We participate on the United Fresh Food Safety Council and audit against the United Fresh Produce GAPs Harmonized standard. In addition, our technical director serves on the board of the University of California (Davis) Center for Produce Safety, further enabling us to keep our pulse on the changing dynamics of food safety.


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Program Details

Eligible Companies

GMP audits are relevant to any food processing or packing operation in which food is handled, processed, packed, stored or distributed:

  • Cold or Dry Good Storage and Distribution
  • Packhouses and Repackers
  • Greenhouses
  • Manufacturing

We can audit the vendors in your supply chain directly, and can also verify audits conducted by other third-parties.


SCS can walk you through a pre-assessment process. Pre-assessment is a non-scored mock audit designed to assess the level of your preparedness for a certification audit. Ask about combining a pre-assessment with your initial audit for greater efficiency.

Audit Coverage

In the GMP audit, we verify your Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) as well as Good Manufacturing Practices (GMPs), including management commitment, mock recall, traceability, employee practices, training and education, sanitary facilities, water quality, building construction and design, pest control, cleaning and sanitation, equipment design and maintenance, storage, etc.

SCS can also perform GMP audits to the United Fresh Harmonized Audit Standard, including specialized audits such as Tomato Metrics.

For companies operating under HACCP plans, SCS includes a HACCP Food Safety Management plan audit within our GMP audits. You can further manage your risk by requesting a food security audit.

Complementary Services

SCS Global Services offers GFSI-level food safety certification including BRC and SQF. Additionally, contact us for expert guidance if your company is interested in establishing a comprehensive HACCP-based Food Safety Management Plan, or a food testing program as validation of an existing management plan.

Combine your food safety certifications with Certified Organic, Pesticide Residue Free and Fair Trade certification for operational and cost savings.


  1. Apply for Auditing

    Fill out an SCS Application form, which provides us with the details of your site and operation. Contact SCS at to request guidance. SCS staff returns a proposal to you for signature. To initiate the certification process, return a signed proposal and Work Order.

  2. Schedule the Audit

    SCS assigns an auditor and audit dates are proposed. Once an audit date is confirmed, an audit plan is provided to ensure that your team is prepared.

  3. On-Site Audit

    An on-site audit of your operation is carried out to ensure that your operation is in compliance. If a HACCP plan is in place, that is assessed as well.

  4. Audit Report Review

    The auditor prepares and submits an audit report. Identified non-conformities must be addressed and evidence of corrective actions provided to SCS. The auditor review and closes out non-conformities.

  5. Issue Audit Score

    SCS conducts a final technical review of the audit report and Corrective Action documentation and issues the final audit score.

  6. Reporting

    FInal audit results are sent to you and posted, and are sent to specific retailers as requested.


SCS Global Services is an IHA Accredited HACCP Training center, offering on-site courses, webinars and customized trainings throughout the year in North America and Central America. Our expert trainers can tailor their curricula to meet your needs.

  • Ask about our comprehensive HACCP, sustainability, and pesticide residue management training for in-house practitioners, managers and consultants.
  • Find out about our food safety webinars.


Prepare for your audit with the checklist appropriate for your operation:

SCS GMP Audit Checklist
Harmonized GMP Audit Checklist
Harmonized Tomato Metrics Audit Checklist

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