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Agroamerica Fruit Company

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Agroamerica Fruit Company


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Verified MRL Compliant Sustainably Grown / Veriflora EFI Fair Trade USA SQF / BRC / TN GlobalGAP GAP / GMP HACCP / HARPC
No Yes No No No No No No
Sustainably Grown / Veriflora
Certificate # Certified Claim Date Issued Valid Through Commodity Location Facility 
SCS-SG-0112  Sustainably Grown  12/17/15  06/16/19  Bananas Hacienda Agroberruz 1,2,3  Agroberruz S.A. 
SCS-SG-0109  Sustainably Grown  11/17/15  05/16/19  Bananas Finca la Virgen  Bananera Nacional, S.A. 
SCS-SG-0110  Sustainably Grown  11/17/15  05/16/19  Bananas Finca las Vegas 1  Frutera del Pacífico, S.A.