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Oscar´s Best S.A. de C.V.

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Oscar´s Best S.A. de C.V.

Blvd. Antonio Rosales 627 Pte.
Salvador Alvarado, Sinaloa 81400

Sales Contact: Ing. Esmeralda Valenzuela Zavala
Phone: (673) 73 28 181
Email: [email protected]
Verified MRL Compliant Sustainably Grown / Veriflora EFI Fair Trade USA SQF / BRC / TN GlobalGAP GAP / GMP HACCP / HARPC
No No No No No No No No
GAP / GMP (inactive)
Label Commodity Audit Type Certificate # Field/Facility Location Inspection Date

Greens (Chickpeas)
GMP  BPM_CRT_OscarBest_012418  Empaque Oscar Best  Salvador Alvadaro, Sinaloa  01/29/18 

Greens (Chickpeas)
GMP  BPM_CRT_OscarsBest_012516  Empaque Tamazula  Guamuchil, Sinaloa  01/25/16 

Greens (Chickpeas)
GMP  CRT_GMP_OscarBest_011913  Oscar´s Best  Salvador Alvarado, Sinaloa  01/19/13