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Greenhouse Gas Inventory

Carbon Footprint Assessment and Verification for Organizations

An accurate carbon footprint is an important step toward managing and reducing your impact on climate change. Greenhouse Gas (GHG) Inventory Verification reassures customers, investors and regulators that the carbon footprint of your organization is complete, accurate, and compliant with all the major GHG reporting standards.

SCS Global Services is an accredited verifier offering measurement and verification of GHG inventories for the following major climate registries and programs:

  • The Climate Registry (TCR) (ANSI ISO 14065 accredited)
  • Carbon Disclosure Project (CDP)
  • World Resources Institute (WRI)Greenhouse Gas Protocol

Our professional audit team is recognized for the thoroughness and quality of our work, rapid turn-around, and customer service.


Robert J. Hrubes, Ph.D.
Executive Vice President

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Christie Pollet-Young
Director, Greenhouse Gas Verification

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Benefits of carbon footprint verification

Service Offerings

SCS Global Services can measure and verify the greenhouse gas inventory of your organization.

  • Carbon Footprint Measurement - We will help you compile information necessary to calculate your GHG emissions. We provide a framework to manage and reduce your GHG emissions and can review and evaluate your emissions and targets on an annual basis.
  • Carbon Footprint Verification - We act as the verification body for companies reporting emissions under the Carbon Disclosure Project, The Climate Registry or the WRI GHG Protocol.
  • Training - SCS provides training courses on the current best practice approaches to footprinting to help you get started measuring, calculating and declaring your organization's direct and indirect GHG emissions.

Note, we cannot measure and verify for the same organization as this is a conflict of interest.


  1. Apply for Verification

    Complete an SCS Application Form, including a description of the project and its location. SCS staff will return a proposal to you for signature. To initiate the verification process, return a signed proposal and contract agreement.

  2. Submit Inventory Documentation

    Our qualified verification team will review your inventory documentation for completeness, conduct a desk review of all documentation, and issue findings. Applicants can address findings before the site visit is conducted.

  3. Site Visit

    SCS conducts site visit(s) to assess project compliance with applicable program standards and issues findings from the visit. This includes an office visit and a field visit.

  4. Technical review

    Once the verification has been satisfactorily completed, an independent technical reviewer cross-checks the GHG inventory and audit report.

  5. Verification Report

    SCS will make a final verification decision and issue a report. You will need to acknowledge the report and resolve any corrective actions (ie errors in measurement or gaps in procedures) before the deadline for emission data submission.

  6. Verification Opinion

    A final verification opinion statement is submitted to the applicable GHG program for registration.

Clients and Projects

SCS Global Services has conducted greenhouse gas (GHG) inventory verification (also called "carbon footprint verification") for manufacturing, non-profit, corporate, and municipal clients, including aviation, waste management, manufacturing, transportation, high tech and professional services. Satisfied clients include:

Longview Fibre Paper and Packaging, Inc.

SCS conducted an assessment of Longview Fibre's greenhouse gas emissions for all facilities located in Washington State. The verification was conducted under the auspices of The Climate Registry, a leading greenhouse gas reporting program for North America. SCS assessed Longview's main pulp and paper mill along with its mobile fleet, and verified its GHG inventory as being accurate and complete.

The City of Arcata

SCS verified the GHG footprint for the City of Arcata, California, helping the city meet its sustainability goals. Arcata has a population of 17,294 and is home to Humboldt State University. The SCS audit included an assessment of records at City Hall and site visits to the wastewater facility, the corporation yard, and other city facilities. The city had its emissions inventory verified and was recognized as a Climate Action Leader by the California Climate Action Registry (CCAR).

The Nature Conservancy

SCS verified the GHG footprint for The Nature Conservancy (TNC) of California for all operations statewide, including 20 offices and projects. Sites audited by SCS include a large farming operation in the Sacramento River Delta, a conservation project on Santa Cruz Island, the Sacramento River Mega-site project, and various TNC offices. TNC California achieved Climate Action Leader status from the California Climate Action Registry (CCAR). TNC works around the world to protect ecologically important lands and waters for nature and people.

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