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LEED v4 Environmental Product Declarations (EPD)

LEED v4 EPDs for building materials can earn your products valuable credits within the LEED rating system and meet a growing number of procurement requirements for governments and industry. Our LEED v4 EPDs satisfy all of the requirements of Product Category Rules (PCR) and Life Cycle Assessment (LCA), and follow international standards, including ISO 14044, ISO 14025, and ISO 21930 for building products.

Establishing your EPDs can be complex and costly. Most providers of EPDs encourage purchasing expensive LCA software, hiring an LCA expert, and then finally hiring a certifier to verify the results. Obtaining an EPD through this process can cost well over $100,000.

SCS offers “turn-key” service. Development of a verified EPD is a multi-step process requiring: in-depth knowledge of LCA standards and software, understanding what data to collect, arranging for an independent LCA critical review, EPD preparation, and lastly, ensuring an independent EPD verification process prior to publication. SCS accurately and thoroughly handles each step, keeping you informed every step of the way.

We can Save You up to 80%. By offering this complete turn key service, we can easily save you up to 80% of total costs, and get the job done in a timely manner by the most experienced provider in the business.

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Program Details

The reliability, transparency, and quality of Environmental Product Declarations are determined by three things: the scope of assessment required by the applicable PCR; the rigor of the LCA performed, and the quality of the EPD report. SCS is recognized as an Eligible EPD Program Operator under the American National Standards Institute (ANSI).

  1. The international standard governing EPDs (ISO 14025) requires that certified EPDs be prepared in accordance with PCRs meeting specific criteria. PCRs define the product category, describe the scope of the life cycle assessment (LCA) to be conducted, and identify the types of potential impacts that must be evaluated and reported.
  2. The LCA is typically conducted by a recognized neutral third-party, in accordance with international LCA standards (ISO-14040 series). The assessment must, at a minimum, address each environmental or human health impact identified in the PCR.
  3. The resulting EPD is based on the findings of this assessment. It must disclose all information required in ISO 14025 and defined in the PCR, including a description of the study scope, the product, results, and related details.

EPD Process

  1. Choose a Product Category Rule (PCR)

    PCRs exist for many product groups. We will work with you to find the PCR that is most relevant to your product. If a relevant PCR does not exist, we offer PCR development services.

  2. Scoping

    We work with you to identify the right scope for the LCA to ensure that the EPD will represent your range of products through an efficient and cost effective scope.

  3. Perform Life Cycle Assessment

    We conduct the LCA on your product based on information provided in the Data Request Form. If you have already completed an LCA for your product, we verify the LCA and it is updated as needed to ensure that it meets ISO 14044 and the PCR requirements.

  4. Prepare EPD

    The SCS life cycle team will prepare an EPD compliant with the PCR, incorporating the results of the LCA and any other information required in a market-ready format. Your feedback on the EPD is included in the EPD preparation.

  5. Verify EPD

    Consistent with the requirements of ISO 14025, the EPD will be reviewed and verified by an external, fully independent team.

  6. Publish EPD

    Once the EPD is completed and verified, SCS will publish the EPD and add it to the SCS Green Products Database.


SCS “Turn-Key” LCA/EPD Solution

  • Comprehensive services for Life Cycle Assessment, EPD development, external verification, and EPD registration.
  • Additional support for any “Design for Environment” decisions, offering quick feedback on your planned product changes.
  • A dedicated team of eight LCA/EPD practitioners with 85 years of collective experience.
  • No annual EPD fees.
  • An in-house marketing team to support promotion of your EPDs.
  • Strategic advice to make necessary operational and sourcing adjustments based on hot-spot analysis, leading to better products and EPDs – a free service.
  • Services to verify your existing LCAs and EPDs.


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